Atrion’s Center of Excellence

Visualize your technology strategy

Step into our purpose-built environment…

Providing collaboration and integration opportunities. Our CoE is an ecosystem based approach that can be leveraged to develop or enhance the integration of multi-vendor / multi-technology security, infrastructure technologies, and solutions.

Why choose your next infrastructure or security solution based on a spec sheet?

What your business needs to KNOW…


  • Is your network equipped to handle business expansion or new business initiatives?
  • Is it time to upgrade or expand your LAN or WAN?
  • How secure is your network and your data?
  • Can you integrate all your disparate technologies?
  • Will this solution work with what you already have in place?
  • Do you have a PLAN?


We can provide expertise, technologies, tools, and best practices that are relevant to our customers’ needs as well as performance, security, and availability goals while additionally providing solutions that are shared throughout research, development, and pilot activities.

The Good news

Technology is making it easier for organizations and vendors to deliver on technology with Faster Safer Smarter solutions.


The Bad news

It still feels like a Herculean task.

Atrion’s CoE can be leveraged to:

  • Provide a staging environment for customers and vendors to test new solutions and integrations
  • Prove out and perform Proof of Value architectures
  • Train Network and Security Engineers
  • Integrate technologies from disparate vendors
  • Demonstrate solutions in a pilot environment
  • Provide an environment for Atrion Engineers to collaborate with customer and vendor engineers
  • Reduce cost for customers to be able to build out their own staging environment
  • Improve processes leveraging Best Practices

Reduce Cost, Reduce Risk,

Process Improvements

Use Cases:

Atrion’s Center of Excellence can be leveraged for a plethora of Customer Projects, and innovation is a must. Dive in to some of the challenges and technology integrations the COE has helped others overcome:

Technology Integration

Configuration of Existing Technology

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