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IT Infrastructure at Barnard College-Columbia University

“I want to thank you for including me in the event yesterday on how to advance NOC operations. I really enjoyed learning about FortiMonitor and loved the whole chocolate tasting experience. I have fond memories about the firewall project we did with Atrion as that is still to date the smoothest transition we have ever had on a technical project that touches many parts of the infrastructure. Our group won an award from Barnard for the project, which we still proudly display in our offices.”

Rodolfo Nunez, Director


“Atrion has been a great partner and we look to continue to engage with Atrion in the years to come.”

Senior VP of Information Technology

NJ K-12

We really enjoy working with Atrion for our security needs.  Atrion keeps in close contact with us and they always keep us appraised of Fortinet’s solutions.

NJ K-12 Technology Coordinator


I have had a long and rewarding working relationship with Atrion Communications. Atrion’s knowledge and expertise in networking and security is impeccable and has proven to be an asset to my company. As Director of Information Technology for a leading engineering firm, I have relied on Atrion for training, technical support, and guidance. Atrion has been a key contributor in helping me achieve my business and technology objectives. As my Atrion Representative, Brandon Chaiko, continues to provide exceptional service, his professionalism and attention to detail is impressive. When I communicate a technical issue or need, Brandon quickly provides guidance and a channel of communication to the proper technical expert for information ultimately leading to solutions.

Director of Information Technology


“In today’s world every Business and IT leader is being challenged to reduce spend, while simultaneously bringing more value. In turn we bring this challenge to our VARs who bring it to their Technology partners.

When you partner with Atrion, you get a partner who understands these challenges and works with you to reduce costs, but just as important or in some cases more importantly they bring skills and resources to the table which act as a force multiplier. Not only do they work with you and their Technology partners to get you the best costs, they help track maintenance renewals across the Technology estate so you are able to properly budget spend and plan for upgrades. As anyone with a complicated IT budget knows this can be critical to keeping your costs low and not having to ask leadership for hundreds of thousands of dollars at the last minute for maintenance or new systems to replace EOL solutions.

Just as critical, Atrion brings technical talent to the table. These resources collaborate with your teams whenever called upon—from getting training for a new system to lending a hand trying to implement a solution or just help with a problem they are always there. I can honestly say that in 11 years of working with Greg & Atrion they have never let me down and always worked to make me successful.”

Chris F. – Principal Architect


Atrion has been a part of our company for many years, initially providing leading-edge IT Products and services for various crucial efforts associated with moving our corporation forward. Being a global company that is highly regulated, we ensure that we partner with companies that provide the highest level of attention and service, and Atrion easily fulfills that intention. Furthermore, the relationship that Atrion builds with their customers is very collaborative where we both strive to provide mutual value to each other – Our experiences and challenges are used by Atrion to ensure they are addressing the latest IT needs of their customers. Atrion’s own experience and services, including their lab facility, provide us with true insight into various technologies that we are exploring. The level of service that Pat, Dom, and the Atrion Team provide is outstanding and we look forward to a continued relationship with Atrion going forward.

Director of Security Engineering


I joined the business recently and was instantly welcomed by the Atrion family. I say ‘family’ quite literally as Dom and Pat work hard to ensure every customer is treated as such. Our business is not uncomplicated for an industry typically regarded as having archaic network technologies and pre-2k network design. We are evolving though and string to deploy robust, redundant, and complex solutions worthy of any enterprise carrier seen in other industries. To that end, Dom worked personally with us to ensure we were successful with our deployment. He was a constant presence at deep dive technical meetings, weekly deployment check-ins, and more tactical design decisions regarding web proxying capabilities, translation, and TLS decryption. His objective and complementary attitude is relatively non-existent in senior executives at similar sized resellers/partners. Dom is a wealth of technical expertise on a plethora of equipment, always providing reliable and responsive feedback when required. Additionally, Pat understands this domain well and offers an opinion that while direct, is obviously backed with taking the time to understand his customer well. It’s incredibly flattering to trust that both Pat and Dom have our best interests at heart. We continue to expand our relationship with Atrion, as few partners offer such a familial relationship.”

Director, Information Security Operations


Knowing I have Atrion around to handle my network has really allowed me to sleep at night. I really trust their people and the depth of support they’ve provided me. If i have a choice, and there is something that Atrion can help me with, they are always my first choice.”

Robert Schalhoub, VP, Information Technology


Recently we were confronted with a number of serious problem stores during the course of our VPN rollout. After spending literally weekstrying to discover the cause of these problems by working with the service provider (line testing, equipment swapping, and in some cases rewiring) we had accomplished nothing other than frustrating ourselves and our store personnel.

After exhausting our possibilities with the service provider, we turned to Atrion for help. As it turned out, we didn’t have one problem in multiple stores, we had different problems across these stores. Nevertheless, by the following day, Atrion had assisted in solving all of the problems that we presented to them.

The excellent support we received from John, Dom, and anyone else who may have helped behind the scenes at Atrion, allowed us to get our stores back in business soon after we presented them with the problems.

We certainly appreciate having the expertise of Atrion’s technical staff available when we need it.”

Michael Cardali, Director of IT


“I’ve worked with Atrion for many years because of their incredible responsiveness. Whenever I’ve needed something right away, they’ve been there to handle my requests, even sending someone into New York City on New Year’s Eve to make sure we recieved out equipment before the year end.”

Sourcing Director


On LinkedIn

“Pat Grillo is one of those kinds of individuals who you want to hold up as an example for others to emulate. I hired his company when they were recommended by a national telecom systems manufacturer. We had an extremely compressed schedule to tighten up a security issue and deploy a dial-up infrastructure for a global professional services organization. Pat and his company stepped right in and helped make it happen in record time. Thereafter, whenever we had similar challenges, Pat was always ready to help – with expertise, great employees and willingness to share knowledge.

Since then I have come to know Pat as an excellent business leader, and a wonderful individual. If you need someone with plenty of integrity, ecxellent business connections, and willingness to find an alternative solution, Pat is a great guy to meet with.”

Sourcing Director


“I’ve worked with Pat and his Atrion staff for over 15 years. Both the sales force and support staff are top of the line.”

Dave Brown, Network Security Engineer


I just want to say thank you for the training you provided me… Dom did a phenomenal job adjusting the training on the fly to meet our needs. I know that the training I was provided will be a tool that I can use for years to come. I would recommend you and Atrion Communications to anyone. Great Job!

 Michael Martin, Network Security Engineer

Penn Foster Inc

“The Atrion team really came through for us this past weekend. We were undergoing a large network migration, and due to Atrion’s due diligence in reviewing and planning our current network, it migrated smoothly. We’re really thankful to have such a valuable managed services provider looking after our success.”

Vicky Mihal, Director of Technical Operations

Turtle & Hughes

“Thank you all for the hard work over the course of this project. The way things have come together over the last few days has been spectacular. We have a modern, well-designed, scalable network infrastructure that was delivered early. I appreciate all your long hours both on and offsite for this project.”

Henry Wisbeski, Network Support Specialist

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